Sunday, November 23, 2008

To Be A President- a book of poetry

Presidential Suite

Heads bumping,
Throats hurting,
Bodies moving,
Brain thumping,
All in one morning,
Hand moving,
Swishing across the page,
Pen to mouth,
In thought,
Not on minute to loose,
Dark creeping in,
Light seeping out,
Lamp flickers,
Papers picked up,
In one click,
Dark all around,
No sound,
Door slammed,
Feet thumping down the hall,
All in one night,
No one here,
Everyone's there,
All in one day

The Ballot Box

I hear it,
Its far far away,
Only a little bit,
Will it come closer?
Still there,
Coming here,
Not to long,
Over there,
Maybe I'm wrong,
Here it is!
Who won?
Open up,
Peek inside,
Its empty!
No one knows,
Who's to blame?
*Over there,
And back again**

**= (a-gain)
*= the end of "The Ballot Box" can have a alternative ending-
Send it back,
What a game

The American Flag

Red flannel,
Strikes the strips,
White as snow,
You'll come to know,
Bluest blue,
Do you?
All in one,
Wrap it as a gift,
Must weigh a ton!
There we go,
Blue, red and white,
You look at it,
Its sewn tight!


The microphones squeak,
The questions are asked,
The answers are given,
Someone grunts,

To Be A President

To be a president,
With full command,
To be a president,
Everyone you demand,
To be a president,
To be a president

The White House

Pearly white,
Pillars so high,
They almost reach the sky,
Oh My!
Big front doors,
Many Windows,
A oval office,
A square desk,
A big top hat,
Like Abraham,
Signing papers for the city of Maybraham,
One in all,
All for one,
The White House

The Election

Raging roars fill the street,
Tiny talk of defeat,
Oh what will this world be,
When the election is done

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