Sunday, November 30, 2008

5 Reasons Why I Want To Return To School

  1. I can see my friends before first period.
  2. I get to win a pass ball game in P.E. ( I hope!)
  3. In three and fourth period I get to sit next to my friend.
  4. I get to hang out and eat with my friends at lunch.
  5. I get to read my book (New Moon) and possibly gloat about being ahead of everybody else.
  6. Extra info. I can work on my paper and project that is about Ancient Egypt and is due on December 10th in social studies- 4th period!

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barri said...

Hi Emily!

I finally signed on and got a google account. I don't have a blog site of my own - I just signed up so I could respond to you.

I just found some stories that I wrote when I was a kid. I want you to read them. Most of them are scary stories (that aren't actually very scary). I loved scary books, scary movies and other scary stuff (like scaring your mom by acting like a zombie - which wasn't very nice - I admit). I also have journal entries from when I was about your age. I'll send a few to you.

I love reading your blog. How about the idea of writing about the people around you like Harriet M. Welsh (the tomato sandwich eater)? You wouldn't have to say any mean things just descriptive things.

Thanks for sharing your writing.


Aunt Barri Jean