Monday, November 24, 2008

Mimi's Jot A Day Comment

1) Hi! I am in class right now, my class is leadership. We plan our school dances and we do boards about certain subjects. Its cool. Anyway, my teacher is so awesome!!! Peace out.
2) In the morning when we do the pledge, is probably one of the most boring parts of the school day. But school is cool. I am reading the book, Twilight. It is so good. The movie is out you know. Anyway, my teacher is dressed in this really nice coat-dress. Its tan, and has a belt around the waist.
3) My friends went to go see the movie Twilight over the weekend. It is a REALLY good book. Hi. I am going to put some pictures on my blog. Hi.
4) Oh gosh. A girl is dancing in the classroom. My class is cool, but totally weird! I get to do nothing because my group is finished with our two boards. Wow. I really think this class is odd.
5) I am at home. From 1 to 4 I was in 2nd period. Thanks Mommy for being a follower. I am super hungry and want to read and finish my Twilight book. I cant wait until I can buy the paperback New Moon. Which is the second book in the series. Eclipse and Breaking Dawn are still in hardback. Okay, I have to go. Ah! TWILIGHT! I might be obsessed. Just Joking. Or not.
6)Hi again. I am going to go read. P.S. Alex, if you have read my blog please comment. Or call me. Or e-mail me. Anyway, how is Texas? How is Penny, Gaby, Izzy, your Mom (my mom is talking to her right now. ha ha), and your Dad, and anyone else that you would want to tell me about. You are still my Best Friend even though we are totally far away from each other. Happy early thanksgiving! MUST GO READ! Love ya.


Alisa said...

Blogging at school, crazy! Can't wait to see you!

Grandma Jan said...

Hi Emily--Keep on writing [but not wrighting :0) ] and that big brain will just keep on growing and growing. You may even find out in person someday how it feels to be President!

Love, Grandma Jan