Sunday, November 30, 2008

5 Reasons Why I Want To Return To School

  1. I can see my friends before first period.
  2. I get to win a pass ball game in P.E. ( I hope!)
  3. In three and fourth period I get to sit next to my friend.
  4. I get to hang out and eat with my friends at lunch.
  5. I get to read my book (New Moon) and possibly gloat about being ahead of everybody else.
  6. Extra info. I can work on my paper and project that is about Ancient Egypt and is due on December 10th in social studies- 4th period!

5 Reasons Why I Don't Want To Return To School

  1. I am not ready for the weekends to end!
  2. I have P.E. first period. P.U.
  3. I get homework.
  4. I might finish my New Moon book, (2nd book in the Twilight saga), and will not be able to get the 3rd book (Eclipse).
  5. And, it can get very boring in a class room.


I cant believe that tomorrow will be the first day of December! November went by so fast. I love spending the holidays with my family. I get three Christmases, Thanksgivings, maybe Easters, and birthdays! I love it! I just had my third Thanksgiving on Saturday. It was so yummy! Anyway, Happy Holidays!

Saturday, November 29, 2008

3 Thanksgivings

Ever year I get three Thanksgivings! It is so cool. Love you all! Gobble gobble.

Friday, November 28, 2008


peace love peace love peace

Hi! Do you like boarder I made? Anyway, I have to get my book so I can read it. (My mom is reading it now) :) Bye.

peace love peace love peace

I'm Back!

I am back from Thanksgiving! It was great! I love pumpkin pie! Plus, my aunt is pregnant. I am going to have a cousin! Yay! Its a boy by the way. Peace and Love!

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Awsome Blog!!!

My mom has a great blog too.

Pie For The Holidays

My mom is baking an apple berry pie. It smells so good! She is also baking a lemon curd tart. Yum! I am leaving to go visit my Grandma and Grandpa for Thanksgiving. I can't wait! Happy Thanksgiving!!!!

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Daisy Flower

Bunch Of Daisies

My Motto

"Live and let live."

Which I think is funny because I never let people "live". I'm a total busybody!

Monday, November 24, 2008

Mimi's Jot A Day Comment

1) Hi! I am in class right now, my class is leadership. We plan our school dances and we do boards about certain subjects. Its cool. Anyway, my teacher is so awesome!!! Peace out.
2) In the morning when we do the pledge, is probably one of the most boring parts of the school day. But school is cool. I am reading the book, Twilight. It is so good. The movie is out you know. Anyway, my teacher is dressed in this really nice coat-dress. Its tan, and has a belt around the waist.
3) My friends went to go see the movie Twilight over the weekend. It is a REALLY good book. Hi. I am going to put some pictures on my blog. Hi.
4) Oh gosh. A girl is dancing in the classroom. My class is cool, but totally weird! I get to do nothing because my group is finished with our two boards. Wow. I really think this class is odd.
5) I am at home. From 1 to 4 I was in 2nd period. Thanks Mommy for being a follower. I am super hungry and want to read and finish my Twilight book. I cant wait until I can buy the paperback New Moon. Which is the second book in the series. Eclipse and Breaking Dawn are still in hardback. Okay, I have to go. Ah! TWILIGHT! I might be obsessed. Just Joking. Or not.
6)Hi again. I am going to go read. P.S. Alex, if you have read my blog please comment. Or call me. Or e-mail me. Anyway, how is Texas? How is Penny, Gaby, Izzy, your Mom (my mom is talking to her right now. ha ha), and your Dad, and anyone else that you would want to tell me about. You are still my Best Friend even though we are totally far away from each other. Happy early thanksgiving! MUST GO READ! Love ya.

Sunday, November 23, 2008

Trapped- part one of a novel


Have you ever been trapped? Not kidnapped trapped, but feel trapped? My life evolves around that feeling. Since I was born, people have been telling me what to do, when to do it, and how to do it. I am trapped. Maybe you don't know what I am saying. Maybe you do. I have a house, my room, a yard, a school (in my house), and a mind. But in all that I have, I have nothing. My gate is made out metal, spray painted green. It is taller than me, but only by a inch or so. I am about 5' 4", and I could easily climb over the fence, but I never have. On the other side of it is a valley with hundreds of miles of green perfect grass, pine trees boarder it and tiny hills are amongst it. The air is fresher and purer out there than in my yard. The sky is bluer and the sun is brighter. But I have to admit, I have never been out there. I can only gaze out through the bars of my fence. For I am truly trapped.
It is growing darker by the minute and I am still standing by the fence. The door has a design on it, with little imprints of the the country who manufactured it, Mexico. The latch is on the other side of the door, that is one clue that tells me I am meant to trapped, another clue is me. I cam easily open the door. I can let it swing open and let it stay there. But i cannot leave. I cannot take one step out and into the vast and wonderful land. Why? I cannot say, for I barely know myself! But now cant you understand why I am trapped? Maybe you cannot. Do you want to process this image or thought in your mind? I didn't think so.
Later isn't better. I can't even see outside anymore so I head inside.
"Was it cold outside dear? You didn't even put on a sweater." My mom asked me.
"No, it wasn't cold or chilly outside. It was nice." I replied. I decided to go into my room. It had a white walls, a bed from a friend of my mothers, a small dresser and a tiny bookshelf. I went and sat down on my bed, thinking about the outside and why I was "trapped". It just occurred to me that there might be something bad about the people in the world.

To Be A President- a book of poetry

Presidential Suite

Heads bumping,
Throats hurting,
Bodies moving,
Brain thumping,
All in one morning,
Hand moving,
Swishing across the page,
Pen to mouth,
In thought,
Not on minute to loose,
Dark creeping in,
Light seeping out,
Lamp flickers,
Papers picked up,
In one click,
Dark all around,
No sound,
Door slammed,
Feet thumping down the hall,
All in one night,
No one here,
Everyone's there,
All in one day

The Ballot Box

I hear it,
Its far far away,
Only a little bit,
Will it come closer?
Still there,
Coming here,
Not to long,
Over there,
Maybe I'm wrong,
Here it is!
Who won?
Open up,
Peek inside,
Its empty!
No one knows,
Who's to blame?
*Over there,
And back again**

**= (a-gain)
*= the end of "The Ballot Box" can have a alternative ending-
Send it back,
What a game

The American Flag

Red flannel,
Strikes the strips,
White as snow,
You'll come to know,
Bluest blue,
Do you?
All in one,
Wrap it as a gift,
Must weigh a ton!
There we go,
Blue, red and white,
You look at it,
Its sewn tight!


The microphones squeak,
The questions are asked,
The answers are given,
Someone grunts,

To Be A President

To be a president,
With full command,
To be a president,
Everyone you demand,
To be a president,
To be a president

The White House

Pearly white,
Pillars so high,
They almost reach the sky,
Oh My!
Big front doors,
Many Windows,
A oval office,
A square desk,
A big top hat,
Like Abraham,
Signing papers for the city of Maybraham,
One in all,
All for one,
The White House

The Election

Raging roars fill the street,
Tiny talk of defeat,
Oh what will this world be,
When the election is done