Sunday, January 3, 2010

Karlie Kloss

My favorite model is Karlie Kloss. I'm not really sure when I found her, but she was the first model I knew by name and could pick her out in photos and on the runway. I have seen her on Teen Vogue too. I was reading one post where someone was interviewing her and she mentioned having a blog! I looked at it and it turned out it wasn't just her blog, it had a lot of members, but I still thought it was so cool. When I saw this picture, I thought it was creative and awesome. :) If you want to see more pictures of her I attached a link at the bottom of this post. I didn't attach the link to her blog but if you want it just ask me.

Sorry this was so long. :D


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drollgirl said...

she is gorgeous! just looking at her is making me feel like a TOAD!