Wednesday, January 7, 2009

I wrote this story a long time ago. I copied the name, Lyra, from The Golden Compass. So, don't be surprised.

Part One

Chapter One

Lyra, Ms. Personality

LYRA PENOBSCOT WAS AN ORPHAN WHO HAD LONG GOLDEN HAIR, FLUSHED cheeks, tan skin, and a secret. Carefully on a Monday morning at Sierra Falls City, at the town hall, Lyra sneaked over to the main room where a meeting was being held. The door was closed so she peeked into the window on the door. Five people (the Mayor, the head of the store, Everything You Need, Mr. Buyer, the principal of the highschool and the elementary school, Mrs. Kolade, the principal of the middle school, Mr. Penolise, and the ex-mayor, Mr. Xmantle) were in the room.
"But Carol, we need you, who is going to look after the schools?" said Mr. Xmantle, the ex-mayor.
"Anyway, you know I can't stay! The longer I stay, the sooner I will leave! And, I've had my time here! Exclaimed Carol, a.k.a. Mrs Kolade.

More to come soon... if you want.

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